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“Did You Know That Setting Boundaries Can Improve Your Relationships, Win Respect, And Reduce Resentment?”


· Do you stay in relationships that you know are not good for you?

· Has your partner ever asked you to do a task or activity, you said "no", and they were obviously disappointed, so you gave in and said, "yes"?

· Ever noticed your partner's negative behavior, and suddenly found yourself criticizing, or judging, and you felt a little more superior or even spiritual than they?

· Have you ever blamed someone else for the way you were feeling - lonely, mad, sad, and scared, or you have been blamed and just took it and felt victimized?

If you answered yes to most or all of the above questions, let me help walk you through the foundational building blocks for creating successful relationshipssetting boundaries.

Boundaries also help you to regain your sanity, self respect, reduce stress, anxiety and resentment.  They resolve victim/offender issues by stopping the ‘blame game’.

Learning to set healthy boundaries is an adult skill that can be learned, although sometimes we need a little "coaching" to "improve our game"...

My name is Carol Henry, and I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapy Therapist and Life Coach, with 20 years experience.

Themes of poor Boundaries permeate difficulties in relationships both with the self and others. Below is an affordable yet powerful audio of my Boundaries: the Key to Mature Relationships workshop you can listen to again and again in the comfort of your own home.
                                                              $17 Audio (MP3 File) & Handouts


Boundaries: the Key to Mature Relationships
(an audio workshop)

"Listening to Carol's MP3 on Boundaries provides a tremendous opportunity filled with ideas and tools for people to "get " a different response in their lives.  It opens to the listener to understand what they may or may not be doing that is contributing to their situation, and ways to start to change it. 

In my work, sharing Carol's tape with clients has helped to bring about lasting changes. I highly recommend it!"  - Sondra Shaw,  NTP

You will learn:

·  Healthy versus Unhealthy Boundaries.

·  Signs that you are allowing others to run and control your life.

·  Understanding yourself and evaluating what you really want in life.

·  How to react when your boundaries are pushed to the limits.

Words to speak that transform you from victim to victor.

·  Why people pleasing is an open invitation to letting people manipulate you.

Because many psychiatrists have long championed the use of visualization exercises (what the mind can perceive it can achieve), this audio workshop leads you through two visualization exercises to set your external and internal boundaries.

Also offered are two bonuses with the audio link:

1) Boundary Workshop Handouts that include:

· Overview of the workshop
· Boundary creation and visualization
· Boundary Violations

· Personal Boundaries Worksheet

2) EXTRA: Top 10 Most Common Mistakes Made in Communications, From the Office to the Home - It will help you clear the mess unintentionally created in communication with your colleagues, friends and spouse in the pressures of everyday life.

Audio link and the above two bonuses, all for the affordable price of:  $17

You'll also be protected by a 100% Money back guarantee: If you've used this package for 60 days and  for any reason want your money back, your money will be fully refunded.


Note: After you make your purchase, you will be directed to the page where the audio file and 2 bonuses, plus the bonus article, "Top 10 Most Common Mistakes Made in Communications, from the Office to the Home," are available for you to download. Please follow the instructions carefully.

To fulfilling relationships and self empowerment,

Carol A. Henry

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